Product Manager

my name is Vlad Grubman. Currently, I am in a Director of Product / Product Manager role and I am very passionate about product management as a discipline. In addition to my work on company’s internal products I am involved in product manager coaching for clients as well as standing up a product management competency within the company. On top of that I am one of the instructors for Master Degree program focusing on introduction to product management – both theoretical and practical – for future MBAs.

With over 15 years of solid IT industry experience, I possess a depth of knowledge of software product management, the software development process and how it all works together in the contemporary world.

The primary focus of my career is thought leadership. My objective in any role is to find strategic solutions that align with business goals and produce maximum value for the organization.

Industries I’ve worked in include:

  • retail
  • healthcare
  • e-commerce
  • health and general insurance
  • pharmaceutical
  • financial
  • general computer consulting
  • medical/lab research
  • telecom

Available for senior product leadership roles as well as part time consulting and coaching.

Product Manager / Project Manager