IT Director / Project Manager / Team Lead

my name is Vlad Grubman. With over 15 years of solid IT industry experience I possess a depth of knowledge on software and development process, systems and networks and how they work together in contemporary world.

Primary focus of my career is IT leadership. My objective in any role is to find a solutions to both strategic and day to day business problems using technology available to a client. I have experience managing multiple small teams (up to 9 people) using waterfall, classic agile and SAFe (Scalable Agile Framework) methodologies. Working on the web projects for over 10 years now I have learned a great deal of “people skills” – how to translate business language into either functional or technical specifications, pure code or database structures. I know how to work with remote teams: people who speak various languages and are in different time zones. Setting goals, juggling multiple vendors and their teams, managing budgets and getting things done on tight deadlines are no foreign subjects to me.

Industries I’ve worked in include:

  • healthcare
  • e-commerce and retail
  • health and general insurance
  • pharmaceutical
  • hedge fund/financial
  • general computer consulting
  • medical/lab research
  • telecom.

Currently I am working at Allscripts, on the premises of North Shore LIJ Health System. My main responsibilities include proactive requirements gathering, providing analysis on how such requirements can be met in the client’s current technology setup, researching and architecting a solution or approach, developing a prototype and obtaining the approval from the client and them supervising the development of an actual solution and finally delivering it to production. Leading two separate dev teams allows me a greater insight into both technology and business sides of current healthcare landscape.

Prior to this I have led a web development team in e-commerce startup while also managing outside vendors and their development efforts on company’s behalf. We worked with a wide range of technologies – from SaaS platforms to open source solutions.

I have also had started and successfully ran for almost 10 years my own web development company. In addition to being an owner I worked with clients on helping them run their e-commerce web sites, managed web projects, in-house and remote teams, vendors and assisted with marketing and sales strategy execution when it came to IT.

Previously I have spent around 10 years working with massive data sets using MS SQL database, doing data migration, developing Windows and web application using ASP.NET, C#/VB.NET and MS SQL Server technologies. I’ve been supporting and writing Windows and web applications and services in C# and VB.NET with MS SQL Server as a backend ever since the .NET framework has been introduced.

As a part of my responsibilities in almost all positions I developed project artifacts – functional and technical specifications, business requirements documents, write-ups and research summaries, guides, help and user manuals. One of the greatest advantages I always had was my ability to concentrate on usability of the end product – be it a web site, an application or a manual. In either case the goal is to make the experience of using the product the most efficient and the least painful to the end user.

Additionally, I am familiar with LAMP platform. Simply due to a number of web sites that I developed (or managed the development of) using Linux-based OSes (RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora), Apache web server, PHP and mySQL on the backend, I have advanced knowledge of different angle of the software development world.

Also, having spent over 5 years in end-user desktop and network support I do understand inner functionality of operating systems, hardware and networks.